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Sandy Renshaw, Editor of AroundDesMoines.com

Hello and welcome! I’m Sandy Renshaw, the host of Around Des Moines.

I chose that name because we’re going to be talking about what’s going on around Des Moines, around the greater metro area, and really around the city (which is pretty much in the middle of the state). I want to include all the cities, large and small, and the rural areas (anything Iowa.)

Let’s showcase the diversity in our state and make Around Des Moines a gathering place – a home for all things Iowa.

You will find lots of photos here because visuals are important to me and make a site interesting. I’m recruiting guest authors and contributors so we really represent different voices, interests and activities. There’s a lot going on in the Midwest.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about topics to cover, photos and stories you would like to share, or questions you might have about Iowa. This site is for you – whether you live or visit here or you are considering it. Help me make this site valuable for you.

A little about me . . .

I have called Des Moines home for about 15 years. My husband teaches organic chemistry at a small, private university and I recently started a small business called PurpleWren where I consult and provide web and graphic design and blog coaching.

I belong to several associations in town and love to meet people and hear about their lives. I’m sure that will help me discover a lot of content for this site. Look for me blogging at coffee shops and libraries around the metro area. Stop and introduce yourself.

My parents owned a small town newspaper, The Elkton Record, when I was very young and when we moved to Sioux Falls, my Mom taught English and my Dad was a roving reporter/photographer for the Argus Leader. Occasionally I traveled around the state with Dad when he interviewed interesting people about their work and wrote stories for the paper. Maybe that’s where my love of diversity started.

In previous years I spent some time in Lake Tahoe, CA; Rapid City, SD; Mankato, MN; Pensacola, FL; Madison, SD; and Half Moon Bay, CA. My work background includes a bit of everything: working in a casino, co-owning a custom paint & upholstery shop (automobile), supporting a small computer network for an association, designing and supporting databases for an insurance company, working in web, graphic design and marketing communications for a chemical company, working on the Stanford Report, and many other things.

I love to learn and am taking classes at a local college. The book I’m currently reading is The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One, which may explain why I like to try new things.

You will also find me blogging often at PurpleWren and contributing articles on the weekend (usually Sunday) about graphic tips and tools on Successful-Blog.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you – my neighbor.

Sandy Renshaw

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