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Memorial Day 2009: Honoring Veterans

by James on May 25, 2009

Set aside a little time to remember your veterans.

During 8 of my first 12 years of life, the United States was at war. I was born just before the U. S. entered WWII and by the time I was 13 the Korean truce had been signed. During that time I had 4 uncles and 4 cousins over 21 and under 40; all 8 were in the military, and all came back.

In addition, my Aunt Julia was in the Marine Corps (play the video) stationed in San Diego during the entire 2nd World War.

There was a time in American history when every able-bodied man served; the duty fell to all.

From my relatives I learned that serving was a mix of boredom, terror, seasickness, hard work, extreme loss, revulsion, and homesickness.

Take some time to remember and honor your grandparents, uncles and aunts, parents, cousins, nephews and nieces, and all others who served in conflicts in the World Wars, in Korea, in Vietnam, in the Gulf Wars, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and those who were prepared to fight.

In Des Moines the local Memorial Day program will be

Guest and speakers include Vietnam veteran and Representative Leonard Boswell; Vietnam POW and retired Lt. Commander Larry Spencer will speak.

photo by flickr by Elassar

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