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St. Patrick’s Day in Des Moines, O’Iowa

by James on March 15, 2009

The folks at the State Historical Museum have a little green up their sleeve. Last year was their first annual Irish Fest in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It was quite the family event, and true to their word they will do it again! It is quite the event:

Want to see what they did last year? It is a definite winner!

I love a parade, and there’s going to be a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Des Moines.

  • noon, Tuesday, March 17, 2009
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • along Locust Street from 15th Street going east to the Embassy Suites

Who would be better with the parade details than the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick?

But remember. Don’t report back to work with green foam on your upper lip!

If you’re not in Des Moines, check this list of St. Patrick’s Day parades worldwide.

photo by flickr by toyohara and Dave Schumaker and Allen’s Vision

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