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Submission Guidelines

Around Des Moines is a weblog (blog) about life around Des Moines, Iowa including

  • life, events, places, education, health, politics, and neighbors in Des Moines area communities
  • local, national, and international news that affects people living in Des Moines and the connections to us
  • writings from residents or visitors about experiences around Des Moines
  • the otherwise noteworthy from Des Moines, greater Des Moines, accessible cities along our transportation corridors, or any word that ends in Iowa.

We would like the posts to be interesting, informative, educational, and well-written enough that readers will be happy they read them. We know we have room to grow.

If you would like to submit to consider the following:

  • You may have knowledge that others might love to share.
  • Try to stay under 500 words. There are exceptions to this word limit, but they apply mostly to reviews of multiple venues, complex news reports, and feature articles.
  • Pictures are good and should be sent in the .jpg format. Please indicate any caption that may go with it. Send no more than three pictures, unless it is a photo essay.
  • We try to publish at least one post a day, with a maximum of three per day. Time-sensitive material will be given priority, such as posts related to special blogfests and posts about current news events.
  • Your submission should be sent as a .txt or an .rtf attachment or even a .doc. The e-mail must include your true name as you want it to appear in the credits, your telephone number, and an e-mail address. If you have any connection to the subject on which you write, you need to disclose it in your e-mail (and possibly in your post).
  • Submission of an article does not guarantee posting of the article and/or pictures.
  • Links to relevant web sites for providing more information are encouraged. Please provide the links when you submit your item.
  • Mark the end of your submission with either a “# # #” or a “- 30 -.” This will ensure that we know your entire post is received.
  • You might even want to make a suggestion to us.
  • As with all publication
    • Submit original content only.
    • Proofread it first.
    • Give credit to any print or photo work done by others including attribution (link).
    • Avoid conflicts of interest in your post.
  • Unique to
    • Copyright of the post content belongs to the author.
    • Sandra Renshaw reserves the right to accept or reject articles; it may also be necessary to crop photos or edit text by modifying words, correcting language and spelling, adding links, and shortening submitted material.
    • There is no payment offered for entries submitted. We do credit you in the form of a byline including a link to you or your work.
    • Submit your name, a link to your site, a short contributor description, and, if you want, a photo. If you write often enough, we’ll add your name to the category list so people can easily find your work.
    • By submitting content to you are giving us permission to publish your articles.
    • Inappropriate content (racism, prejudice, expletives, sexually explicit content, etc.) are not acceptable.
    • All content submitted will be open to comments.


Suggested Iowa-Related Topics:

  • how you (or someone) is making a difference
  • community
  • events
  • insight based on your expertise
  • weather
  • work
  • fun
  • concerns
  • food
  • family
  • small business
  • gardening

Email your submission to for review and possible publication.

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Joyce Schulte March 2, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Hello….are you still in Des Moines? I could not find dates on anything on your site so I wondered.

Also, your ‘contact’ form does not work.

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