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Women Political Bloggers Gaining Media Attention

by Sandy Renshaw on December 5, 2007

Why am I reporting on this topic? Because AroundDesMoines is included on the List of 275+ Women Political Bloggers. And our readers might be interested in what other women have to say about politics.

First, a little history… on September 30, Katherine Q. Seelye asked readers of The New York Times “why more men seemed to be involved in politics online than women” and she got a good response. On Oct. 1, the article titled, “Women, Politics, and the Internet,” continued to draw attention and remarks.

Well, Catherine Morgan decided to compile a list of women political bloggers. It started with 100, grew to 200, and now has surpassed 275. Yea, Catherine! Way to go! What started as a response to a newspaper article has grown to a list, The Political Voices of Women blog, and a community.

Won’t you add your voice? If you would like to write for AroundDesMoines, contact me.

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Catherine Morgan December 5, 2007 at 8:10 pm

Thanks so much for the kind words.

The list was also mentioned in The Huffington Post this week…


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